Jun 05 2010

BNI (Business Networking International) Chapters in Asheville, NC


BNI or Business Networking International is an international organization of professionals that form chapters, build strong relationships and pass qualified referrals each week. The system is based on the principle of Givers Gain and was started by Dr. Ivan Misner. Each chapter accepts one company or individual per business category. Membership is based on annual dues.

Asheville is currently home to 2 BNI chapters. The Beaucatcher Chapter meets each Tuesday for lunch from noon to 1:30 at O’Charley’s on Tunnel Road. The Referral Source Chapter meets Wednesday mornings from 8 until 9:30 am at the UNCA Botanical Gardens. Asheville is also in the process of strating a 3rd area BNI chapter and is taking applications from companies that can not currently be placed in an existing chapter. For more information about Asheville BNI chapters visit www.bniconnection.com.


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  1. Michael Miranda

    I have opened a new division of Grout Works in Asheville and I am interested in building some networking relationships.

  2. Sarah Benoit

    Great, well keep an eye out as we prepare to upload the networking and business classes for this fall. This week now that we have redesigned our blog this summer we will begin sharing a variety of events and opportunities. Thanks for becoming a part of our community. Sorry it took so long to respond. We took the summer off to give ABN a new look.

  3. Beth Jones

    A friend told me about this group. I am a veterinarian who is starting a veterinary acupuncture/pain relief practice on Merrrimon Ave. beside Ingles. When I click on the link above (bniconnection.com) for more info, it sends me to a page where I can get Xanax without a prescription! I would love to learn more about your group. Beth

  4. Tina Spring

    I am a dog trainer and BNI member in the Athens, GA Athens Referral Factory group. I am expanding my business to the Asheville NC area and will eventually (in a couple of years) relocate there. I would like to come and visit at least one BNI group. Can you tell me where/when there are meetings? Thank you for your help.

  5. Sarah Benoit

    Yes local BNI chapter meetings are either Tuesday at noon until 1:30 pm or on Wednesday morning from 8 am until 9:30 am. You can contact the area director Lynette Sutton for more info 828-231-7514 or lynettesutton@bpsolutionsgroup.com.

  6. Sarah Benoit

    Beth, Local BNI chapter meetings are either Tues from noon until 1:30 pm and Wed morning from 8 until 9:30 am. Contact the area director Lynette Sutton for more info 828-231-7514 – lynettesutton@bpsolutionsgroup.com.

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