Sound Business: Giving Your Brand a Voice—Then Teaching It To Sing

​Marketers often overlook or undervalue the power of sound in the development of a memorable brand, when in fact the strategic use of sound plays a key role in brand recognition, consumer engagement and purchase intent. Join us on March 24th when Steve Keller, CEO of iV and iV2, will open our eyes and ears to what a strong brand sounds like.

Some of the key points he’ll cover include: Sound EFFECTS–How audio shapes brand identity & consumer behavior. Sound STRATEGY–How to add efficiency, objectivity & value to the use of audio in marketing. Sound BENEFITS–What the research shows about sound in brand communication. Sound MEASURES–Six measurable parameters of successful audio branding. Sound RETURN–The holy grail of ROI. Sound RESEARCH–The science behind audio branding. Sound IMPACT–Case studies demonstrating the impact of sound on a brand’s bottom line.

Steve is known internationally as an audio branding ambassador, and his presentations are full of insights and practical tips you can start using right away. Join us for this entertaining and educational program, and learn how to take your own or your clients’ branding to a higher level.