Activist Documentary Filmmaking: Turn Your Passion and Concern into Video That Matters

WHEN: Saturday January 28, 2017 10 AM – 5:30 PM
WHERE: Asheville School of Film 45 South French Broad Ave. Suite 120 Asheville, NC
HOW MUCH: Workshop Fee $120

In this one-day workshop you will:

  • Learn a proven approach to successfully translating your passion and concern into the creation of videos that can powerfully and effectively promote your cause;
  • Gain the knowledge needed to tell stories of heart and intelligence so your audience will care about your subject and feel inspired to translate that caring into positive action;
  • Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of cliches, simplistic thinking and propaganda-making so your message resonates with deeper truth and integrity and reaches a broader audience;
  • Acquire practical knowledge on the essential core basics of video cinematography, lighting, and sound that you can apply using an iPhone or DSLR and low-cost lighting and audio gear. No prior experience is necessary!

About the Instructor

Kevin’s media career over the past 35 years has included staff positions as a filmmaker for National Geographic Television and the National Park Service, a fascinating foray into shooting and directing national and regional television commercials, and much more. He has also given filmmaking workshops around the country at various venues including the Omega Institute and the famed Maine Media Workshops.

Kevin’s great passions in the realm of documentary film are twofold: first is the making of films that promote intelligence, understanding, and an engaged love for humankind and Earth. Second is the teaching of the technical, cognitive, intuitive and creative techniques and processes that are necessary for the making of moving, effective and award-winning documentary films. For Kevin, empowering future generations of inspired and skilled filmmakers is an honor and a calling.

Kevin’s filmmaking workshops are integrative and results-oriented explorations of the “outer” aspects of filmmaking – planning, cinematography, lighting, sound recording and editing – as well as the “inner” dimensions of the process, namely how you go about conceptualizing the story that you want to tell. Why this outer and inner approach to the teaching of filmmaking? Because it helps to engender a deeper and more integrated experience of learning the skills that are necessary for the creation of great and timeless films.

Kevin Peer