Photo by Zen Sutherland

Photo by Zen Sutherland

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The Importance of Business Networking in Asheville, North Carolina is a blog dedicated to helping small, medium and large companies learn how to increase local exposure, access local business support, explore state & local funding opportunities, participate in business trainings & classes and enter the next phase of professional & business success.

Our goal is act as a comprehensive resource for local businesses so information about business meetings, resources, marketing opportunities, educational events and more is easily accessible in one location on the web.  If you have an event, seminar or organization you would like to recommend or submit please Contact Us.

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Sarah Benoit in Asheville, NC - photo by Mike Belleme

Sarah Benoit – Photo by Mike Belleme

Sarah Benoit: Business Networking Addict was created by Sarah Benoit, owner of Creative Original Online Marketing. Ms. Benoit co-owned a search marketing company in Asheville, NC from 2003 to 2009. In June of 2009 she was inspired to begin her own web site design and marketing company; this is how Creative Original was born.

Ms. Benoit is a self-proclaimed networking addict and information junkie. She believes strongly in the power of professional relationship building based on authenticity, superior customer service and clear communication. Since 2003 Ms. Benoit has used relationship, word of mouth and referral marketing to build, sustain and grow her professional career. She believes these strategies can strengthen a company’s bottom line, as well as increase financial stability for the Asheville business community overall.