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Non Profit Resources in Asheville and Western North Carolina

The NC mountains are home to a variety of different non profit organizations focused on community building and service. Local non profits need a tremendous amount of support when it comes to marketing, fundraising, administrative work, technical assistance and more. In Asheville many professionals and businesses are open and willing to providing free or affordable services to non profits.

Here are some local opportunities for non profit organizations to learn more about how they can grow.

OMIlogoOMI Asheville, LLC
Gary D. Lux, President
info @ OMIasheville.com

What is OMI Asheville about?
´╗┐Given reasonable goals a good salesperson should be able to consistently meet sales goals each year. Given advanced CRM sales tools and training, the same salesperson may often exceed sales goals by 25% or even higher. OMI is actually an aviation acronym for “Outer Middle Inner” marker beacons, a precision tool used to help pilots maneuver their airplanes to a safe landing in all kinds of weather. Sales teams can greatly increase their productivity and convert more opportunities into paying customers when they too have a precision approach. At OMI sales training is not about some mysterious art form. It is a precision approach based on advanced CRM technology that is proven to accelerate your sales and help your company achieve steady, consistent sales revenue growth.

How can OMI Asheville help your nonprofit organization?
Gary Lux founded OMI Asheville because he recognized that many sales people struggle each month to meet their sales revenue goals, and as a result they are not really enjoying their life as a salesperson. When this happens it’s guaranteed your company or organization is missing new sales opportunities and is loosing money. Why? There are many reasons, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Gary is passionate about helping non profits learn how to consistently exceed their goals and he can offer free and low cost CRM assistance to any interested 501C3 in the Asheville area. Contact him for more information.

Asheville Savings Bank
Vicky Gregg – Asst. VP, Banking Center Manager
East Asheville Banking Center
vgregg @ ashevillesavingsbank.com
828.250.7030 | cell: 828.551.0916
Asheville Savings Bank
10 South Tunnel Road Asheville, NC 28805

Asheville Savings Bank – Supporting Asheville for almost a century.

Banking advantages for non profit organizations with Asheville Savings Bank.

BP Solutions Group, Inc.
Lynette Camby – Solutions Consultant
A Marketing Services Provider
lynette @ bpsolutionsgroup.com
(O) 828-210-8215
(M) 828-231-7514

BP Solutions Group – locally owned and operated for over 80 years

Printing, direct mail and fulfillment services for nonprofits

Creative Original Online Marketing
Sarah Benoit, Internet Marketing Specialist
sarah @ creative-original.com

Creative Original’s unique approach to Internet marketing.

How Creative Original helps nonprofit organizations.